My Strengths Of My Goals To College

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I have two goals at the moment that i want to accomplish. My first goal is to graduate high school with my CNA Certificate. My mind is set on this goal. My second goal is to college. This may seem to be the same goals but they are very different in they way i want to accomplish them.

I plan to start with my CNA class before i graduate. A strength that i have is if i start an assignment i will have to finish it. I can’t leave things undone if i’m halfway done. Another strength would be motivation. This is not just a goal of mine, this is also my family's goal for me. And this just gets me more motivated to put this CNA class as one of my priorities. Now a weakness would be my laziness. I really am lazy and i will postpone everything
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A strength is motivation to be someone. I don't want to die working as a cashier or a minimal wage job. I want to die as someone that worked for to get where they got, if it's in a clinical helping patients or if it's as a lawyer or even as a teacher. This is my one and only strength. Now for my weaknesses is my schedule. If it's either my sleeping schedule or my working schedule. I know i wouldn't be able to go to college without struggling . i feel like i wouldn't change within a year. I'll still be the irresponsible lazy teenager. My opportunities are being the first one to go to college in my family. Many of my cousins decided to go to college, but they don't. I want to be the first one in my family to actually go to college. Another opportunity might be my social life. I hear college gets you to be social and i need that in my life. I'm not an open person, i don't like talking to people and i'm very bad with conversations. And a question might be, why not be social in high school? Well i've already gone to high school or 3 years and i'm tired of it. It's my last school year so i don't see a point to start now on being social. College is a good thing it's very expensive. Very very expensive in my case. We don't have much money. Money may seem a funny threat, but money is very important in education. The more money you have, the more you can get a better education. Money is my only threat. Where will the money needed come from? I don't want to have my parents in debt for the rest of their life for me. Money is one of the worst yet best threat and opportunity to

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