Narrative Essay On Western Career College

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My Story I was born February 4, 1988 in Hayward, California. I grew into a great outgoing woman, independent well educated with a good heart. Currently right now im furthering my education while working temporary job assignments to gain experience for the future. My goal is to finish my Bachelors degree in Business Administration and find a career job, build a family with my boyfriend, get married and have some children when Im settled with my career. I was raised by mom and dad with one older brother until my parents got a divorced in 2001. My older brother moved with my dad and I moved with my mom for a year which didn’t work out to well so I decided to move with my dad to Antioch. My dad wanted me and my older brother to live in a better neighborhood and give us the life he never had as growing up so he made a good choice by moving us from Hayward to Antioch.I was excited to move with my dad because I had little brother on the way with my dads new girlfriend which became my step mom. By 2004 I had two little brothers that …show more content…
It was the most happiest day of my life. I figured with my degree I can get the job I wanted with good pay and benefits. In the long run it didn’t work out that way. I searched for a job for 6 years. I never found anything neither anyone in my class. Western Career College was one of those schools like Heald College leading students on with commercials and student advisors stating they will help with job placement and provide a internship. I never received an internship nor did I receive help with job placement. Six months after I graduated the closed down the graphic design program laid off all the teachers. This was really faulty what they did, not fair at all. My family were so upset because they felt with me finishing school would help me and the long run well it sure didn’t. Now I owe over 30k in loans in which im currently trying to discharge because of the false school advertisement I went

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