My Speech To The Class Of 2020

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To The Class of 2020:
First and foremost, I should congratulate you on completing one of the four greatest accomplishments in your life. Now you can look forward to graduating college, getting married, and having kids, but lets not get carried away. I am sure you have heard plenty of times that college is going to be the greatest four years of your life. Although I have only completed one semester as a college freshman, I can agree with every single person that has told me that.
College is definitely nothing like high school. I mean for one your parents are no longer around and as awesome as that sounds, you will eventually find yourself wishing you had your mothers’ opinion for everything. Independence really starts to set in when you have
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Not only of the campus, but of the class sizes as well. In high school you may be used to the average 25 to 30 students per class, but now in college a class of 70 is almost considered small. My freshman year I had two classes that were over 50 students each and of course in those my professors are yet to know my name. This means that I have to work a little harder to make sure I understand the material on my own, because unless I go to my professor’s office hours there will be no one on one time. I am sure that “office hours” is a foreign term to most of you, but not for long. Going to your professor’s office hours can save your life, especially if you are enrolled in a class of 180. Office hours provide you one to two hours of one on one with your professor. If you are having trouble with a lesson or an assignment these hours are heaven …show more content…
I am sure plenty of people have already scared you into thinking college is miserable and a million times harder than high school but, to be completely honest, I had an opposite experience from the average freshman. It is not that my classes were easier than most, it is that I knew how to manage my time and study efficiently. I found high school to be way harder than my first semester in college. I was never the best student in high school, from freshman year to junior year I struggled to make good grades, but once I got to college, getting straight A’s did not seem as difficult. Of course, only taking four classes compared to six might have something to do with it, but I also believe that I have matured and began to take my classes more seriously. Time management is key for success in college. If you do not know how to manage your time, then you will most likely struggle. Depending on your schedule you may not have classes everyday, this means you should have more than enough time to complete the work required for your classes. Having a planner or some sort of calendar is really important for it provides you a simple yet effective way to keep your assignments organized. You should receive your syllabi for your classes before the first week of school which is great for you to get a head start on organizing, or even give you an early idea of dropping the

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