My School Experience Essay

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“Education is not learning of facts, but training of mind to think”- Albert Einstein
School, a name that is very common and associated with many memories. Some are good, some are bad and along with these we got a very precious gift, education, that would stay with us for lifetime.
I am originally from India. I got my education in a private school back there. The school I attended is a good school in a sense that we got all facilities that would help us succeed. We had highly equipped computer labs and science labs and a library in which you could find almost any book. Our school provided us with a chance to excel apart from academics and gave many opportunities to athletes, dancers and musician to succeed.
Contrary to other high school
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We had to come up with different sources or sponsors for our event. Students are grouped and each group had to do their own business venture. Together we were an organization. We used to go out talk to prospective sponsors and sell our ideas and place to get money. The money then collected is used as capital to run the business. We got goods from local dealers on credit and sold them to public at wholesale price. This was a three day long event which consisted of food court, game zone and stalls. After three days each group is required to do accounting for their team and deal with dealers and settle their accounts. After individual accounting was done, final accounting for the event starts. And the profit that we come up with is then donated to institutions in need.
This project includes making a business plan that gives us real knowledge about steps that are required before you actually start doing a business. In today 's educational system we are deprived of such particle experiences and in fact we need them the most. We do two things when we engage ourselves in this business venture, one being we learn about actual business and second being we help unprivileged children. We learn to do business ethically and with

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