Turn Back Time Case Study

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Turn Back Time, (TBT) is a non-profit working to improve the lives of all children through nature exploration, farm education and play. TBT was created in 2011 and operates on a 58 acre homestead in Paxton, MA. TBT offers farm and nature focused preschool, homeschool, after school classes and runs a summer camp day program.
Because of their success, especially the increasing of the demand for the summer camp and the preschool program, the capacity of their indoor facilities are no longer sufficient. Therefore, they want to expand their facilities with the indoor space such as the barn. TBT’s Board of Directors realize this situation and would like to complete the construction of a barn. However, TBT doesn’t have enough resources to build the new barn, therefore TBT needs funding.
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In addition, TBT also does not have any specific tools or measurement to evaluate their fundraising activity. Therefore, the project also will address the measurement tools that TBT can utilize to have a better fundraising strategy in the future.
The fundraising program through corporate sponsorship will be important for TBT in order to help solve resource problems and complete the barn. Corporate sponsorship as part of the fundraising is a very important aspect for nonprofits in running the organizations or providing their services to the beneficiaries, as well as the evaluation tools of the fundraising. The proper fundraising strategy will help the TBT to elevate their funding and the tools of measurement will help them to plan their

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