The Negative Consequences Of Time Travel

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As Alex Scarrow said, “Time travel is a terrifying weapon, far more powerful than anything ever conceived, mankind just is not ready for that kind of knowledge. We are like children playing with an atom bomb”.

Time travel gives humans power that they are incapable of handling. We often take aspects that have the chance to be used for goodness and use them to benefit our selfish desires.
Time travel also puts people in a supernatural place of authority. Not to mention the unintended consequences and horrible outcomes that have been previously depicted of time travel. It could also prevent people from coming to terms with death. If time travel were to be invented, the effects upon humanity would be astronomical because we are just finite
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Time travel is dangerous because it puts people in a fallacious place of authority as shown the episode, “The Waters of Mars”.

Time travel is destructive because when technology is relied on it can kill millions of people as shown in the stories, “The Last Question” and “Answer”. If they could not even reverse entropy or even comprehend the known universe, why would we choose to add yet another problem to this equation? Time travel is something that as mortal beings we should not even bother to understand. Not only does it surpass our intelligence level but it also seems rather foolish to go back in time and create more problems when we already have countless problems at this moment. In the text, Answer, they worked so hard to compile the knowledge from ninety-six billion planets without knowing that all this knowledge and work had created a monster and thereupon, ended their lives . Moreover, in the text, when they attempted to use technology to reverse the degeneration of the earth, they all died waiting for an answer. Also, it took Multivac billions, and trillions of years to discover an answer to this question, and we can only

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