My Role As Mentor For A First Year Teacher Essay

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Crucial Conversations
As a future school executive, I have discovered crucial conversations to be a very effective tool. With my growing involvement in school activities and leadership roles, I have incorporated these tools into my daily interactions with others. One role that has allowed me to benefit from my new knowledge in crucial conversations is my role as mentor to a first-year teacher. I enjoyed my role as mentor over the past couple of years, because it has allowed me to meet and watch these young educators grow. I can say that I helped these teachers find their way in the world of education, and by knowing them I have also grown as a teacher and a leader.
One recurring theme that I have witnessed over the past few years is beginning teachers using their classroom and social media to express their opinions on current issues facing our nation. They do not understand the ramifications posting opinions on social media may have if it is seen by a student or parent. My current mentee , who is from Seattle, Washington and a participant in “Teach for America”, is still in the process of learning that as an educator we cannot always express our thought and feelings on certain matters.
At the beginning of the school year, there was a shooting in Charlotte that sparked much controversy and my mentee thought it would be a great opportunity to connect with her students. She had them write letters expressing their feelings on the current and past shootings, and she would send…

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