Personal Narrative: My Road To Literacy

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Road to Literacy As a literate person, I could not begin to envision a world in which I could not read or write. Literacy is such a vital part of my life, it is the backbone to everything that I am. My life was forever changed the moment I read my first picture book. Literacy enables me to create, learn, and expand my horizons and gives me the ability to have a voice. Without literacy, my life would be dull and meaningless, but with it I can do anything I set my mind to. My journey to literacy began much like any other child’s in America, in kindergarten I was officially taught how to read. My teacher started out teaching us to read words like cat and the in these little books that spaced out the letters in the way we were supposed to sound …show more content…
I wanted to make sure my paper was taken seriously and was crafted in such a way that it convinced you to agree with me. The topic was something I had taken to heart and pushed me to create the piece of writing that I am most proud of. When I re-read my paper for the final time and thought about all of the effort I put into it, it was an anagnorisis. I finally understood why literacy was so important. Literacy allowed me to create a work where I could share my opinions with the world and be taken seriously. After writing that paper, it felt like I could do anything I wanted with the power of words. My possibilities are endless with only the use of 26 letters.
After this realization, I began to focus even more on my literacy skills, I began reading books that were not my usual teen romance go-to, I started to write in a journal to practice my skills and get my thoughts out on paper. Nothing makes me feel more satisfied than when I know I have a voice in this world, because I have the ability to read and write.
For me, literacy is everything. It is how I can obtain more information and knowledge and expand my views of the world. It also allows me to be able to share my input about everything I am learning. Literacy creates a world where the sky is the limit, and anything is possible when you have the right

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