Reflective Essay: My Love For Writing And Reading

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My Love for Writing and Reading Literacy experiences that have stood out to me is reading books and writing. Ever since I was little, I was always drawn into reading. Edgar Allen Poe have once said,” I became insane with long intervals of horrible sanity.” Reading has created a haven where the world could be understood from different perspectives from authors. No two books are the same or either are people. And with this realization, I have come with the realization of how reading has affected my life. I became interested in writing around when I was three years old. My first experience that I can remember is when I first saw Tom and Jerry. Tom was writing a letter and I became interested in how Tom wrote. Tom was drawing horizontal lines on the letter and moving his wrist very fast. Being three years old and not having a clue on how …show more content…
My mother was very surprised, but instead of helping me write a letter, she told me that I need to create a foundation first. At that time, I did not what she meant by creating a foundation. But I quickly found out that creating a foundation meant that I would have to go through hours of learning how to write and read the alphabet. At first, I was very excited to learn the alphabet and finally get to write my letter. My mother brought out a book, where you had to trace the letter. As a child, trying to learn how to hold a pencil was rough for me. My little hands had a hard time holding a pencil and learning how to write. A particular letter that I had a hard time writing out was the letter S. Oh, how much I hated trying to write out the letter S. My mother would get particularly frustrated with me and my inability to write a S. Many times, she would threaten me if I didn’t get it right the first time, and then I wouldn’t be able to go outside. Being three, playing outside was crucial for my childhood. Eventually, I learn how to hold a pencil and write

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