Personal Narrative: How Literacy Changed My Life

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As far as I could remember the only people that come to mind when I think of literacy sponsors would be my father and my grandmother. They had the biggest impact on me when you talk about literacy. But as I think of the term literacy, I come to find that I only think of my father and grandmother because I was raised by them. In fact, now that I think about it aunts, uncles, and cousins also played a part in my coming to be literate in different subjects. Correct me if I’m wrong but you can be literate in reading and writing, but you can also be literate in football, basketball, and any subject for that matter.
Now, back to the real topic, my literacy days started when I moved with my father. He was very strict and education was number one
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This text was a state given test, so the whole school had to take it. Once we finished with the test, they started to call names of kids who scored high on the test. Once your name was called your where able to sign a bench representing the benchmark and all the hard work you put into studying for it. My name was called and I could sign the bench which may be there still till this day. I felt like all my reading and writing I had done paid off, it was a big deal for me back then to sign that bench. I hoped one day to continue to achieve personal goals of academic value which is a reason why I continued my education to the college level.
So, to conclude my literacy essay most of my being literate was accomplished off the fact that it was a disciplined in me if that makes sense. I’ve wrote summaries on books, wrote pages of words out of the dictionary, while having to make sentences out of them at that. Just by being raised in that way helped me progress further, some things stick and stay with you forever which is not always bad. I will continue my education and grow to be more literate every day.

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