My Responsibility When Attending College Essay

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Education is an ongoing process. Every day, there is always new information going around for people to learn about. I have learned a whole lot of information to finally get to where I am now: a state university. At this point, I know that I have to continue on my education because it was my choice to apply to and attend an institution. As a college student, it is very intimidating to know that everything is on your shoulders in college. It is solely my responsibility if I should attend class every day, turn in assignments on time, and study for exams. I hear it all the time, and, looking back from my earlier years in school all the way to now, I can see the real significance of my responsibilities.
The first time responsibility stuck in my mind was middle school. Not to say that I was
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For the most part, I was right. The course load was manageable and the work was anything anyone could expect from a high school class—higher difficulty, but not hard to complete. I could have gone on to say that all of high school itself was easy, but I would be foolish to think so. I took the initiative my 10th grade year when I registered for honors-level class for the first time ever; I was looking for a little more challenge and I thought honor classes could be the kind of thing that could perform that task. I finally got the challenging work that I expect—in fact, it was a little too challenging. The honors classes had more coursework and actually required me to read a couple chapters ahead in order to stay with flow of the class. I watched my GPA go from a 3.8 to a hard 3.2 average. It was at that moment that I knew what I had to do in order to pass my classes and get my GPA back up. I had to study harder, hand in assignments on-time and not at the last minute, and, most importantly, BE RESPONSIBLE. I did exactly what was asked of me and I started getting everything back in

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