Responsibilities Of A Master Student Essay

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The responsibilities of a Master are those individuals, or students who take ownership of their actions by demonstrating academic honesty and integrity. The student attend and participate in classes, seminars, on time. I believe the responsibilities of a Master student are students who complete all assigned work in a timely fashion with attention to quality of work. The student goes beyond their effort to avoid making excuses for their behavior and actions. The responsibilities of a master is to have respect and accept ethic of becoming a leader by setting examples. The student is willing to do whatever it takes to complete their degree by joining support groups, meetings, joining tutors sessions and study groups to achieve their …show more content…
I believe it is my responsibility to follow rules and guidelines as a master student, be to demonstrate honesty and integrity, to participate in class and take what necessary steps to achieving my academic goals. It is my responsibility to be respectful by communicating with my professors, peers, and other individual in a respectful and careful way. As a child growing up, my parents taught me how to take responsibilities on my actions. I learned that every choice my may in life have has consequences. In order words, My responsibilities as a master student is to take role in my education my recognizing that I am accountable for my academic success. It is my responsibilities to model and demonstrate when I make choices and take ownership of actions that lead me toward my educational goals. My responsibilities as a master student is to learn and obtain the best rewards from my college experience. What I do depends on me and how I react to the environment that is conductive to learning, and to the activities which are consistent to my goals and my educational objectivities. It is my responsibilities as a master student to utilize the resources at the institution to assist me with my educational

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