My Relationship Between My And My Father Essay

1600 Words May 17th, 2016 null Page
I never thought I would be sitting here writing and telling you my story and my relationship between me and my father but i am going to tell you about it all... and how it has strengthen me to become the man i am today, but first i want to thank God for bringing me through it all.

I was 11 years old and we were living in a small town of Tennessee and it was just an ole regular day, we had been playing outside all day but it was time to go inside for the night and eat before we had went to bed on our pillows and have a good nights sleep but around Eight O 'Clock pm a thunderstorm set in and kept us awake after an hour of hearing the rain hit the tin roof I fell asleep.

The next morning me and my family had gotten up to eat breakfast, take our showers and brush our teeth to start out the day and i had went to school not knowing i was going to be bullied made fun of, finally it was 3:00 and it was time to go home from school.. time for homework to be done and this was an everyday thing for me.

After all our homework and chores were finished we got to go outside to play in the pool or we could go into the woods, you know do what kids do.. and sometimes we would even go fishing.. that next day i had football practice which was not bad at all because i loved playing football for my school.

The last game of the season i did not get to play, why? because i was being disobedient towards my coaches and teammates and i threw my helmet on the ground and left the field…

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