Essay My Reflection On The Education Crisis

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There are always downfalls, to making decisions. Sometimes no matter what you do, you’ll have to give something up. I’ve always been timid about making decisions. I think about what I’d lose in the process. The honest truth was, you could never be sure of the decisions that you have to make. In education, young students’ academic decision are primarily made by the parents, until the student is old enough. One of the most defining moments in education for me, was when I had to make a choice for my education independently. I had to think of my experience, have confidence in myself, and think of future ramification. The education crisis I faced was taking a college course that I wouldn’t count toward my degree;
My educational journey not only affected myself but as well my family. Around the time I started elementary school, and my education stalled, my teacher suggested intervention. Troubled about my continuing regression in classes, my mother went to the Head of the Education department of my tribe, Lac View Desert, and they came up with the best way to assist a struggling student. My parents spent a lot of time, trying to figure out the best strategy for my education. After weeks of being evaluated by multiple professionals, I got my diagnosis. Factors like vision and slight hearing loss, which contribute to my learning difficulties, were addressed. My mother met with my teacher and eventually it was decided that additional intervention was needed. I received special…

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