My Reflection On My Life Essay

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I grew up in church, I remember going to church every Sunday. So when I entered first grade and was around the age of six I had the opportunity to save the salvation prayer and I took it. A couple of years went by and I was in the third grade when I made a group of friends at school who were homeschooled and I went to public school. This was one difference that I feel started my comparing my walk of faith to. To me they were perfect and where doing everything God wanted but I felt as if I failed God daily and I could never be like them, pleasing God with all my choices. So I oppressed it and held on and just kept this feeling to myself. As I struggled with hiding my failures and insecurities from others another stronghold took ahold of my life as well. I began to deal with the feelings and thoughts of being “left-behind” when Jesus returned. These thoughts and strongholds continued for about ten years before I let it go. During these years I felt as if I was yelling at or over my sin to God. Also, I felt like majority of the time that God was either shaking his head at me or he was just not hearing or listening to me while I prayed or talked to him. High school came around and I wanted to fit into the “redneck” group but I just came out of that experience hurt and trying to be something that I was not. I loved the organization FFA but I wanted everyone to stop seeing just oh she just the Christian girl yes I wanted to shine my light but many in the friend group I think had…

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