My Reflection Of My Experience In The Classroom

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My class room is a highly diverse environment, with many students from different cultures, and age ranges. This is an intro to art classroom, meaning we are learning about the basics, and fostering creativity that students may not know they had. All students are required to take a class like this one and many of the students tend to be freshman and sophomores, but on occasion we have juniors and seniors. The seating arraignments are set up in groups. This is not by my choice because I am using the class room I observed this semester. There are 4 groups of students with about 6 to 8 students per group. The teacher allows the students to sit where they please. This went on until about half the semester was through, then decided this created too …show more content…
In our art fair students will not only be critiquing the piece of art, but also what they draw from that piece of art. This means students must analyze the elements, how they are used, and how all of this put together creates an emotion or meaning. The nice thing about school is students are closely grouped by age, so many students go through the same things in life at the same time. This means that a student might create a painting of a person sitting alone in a blue toned environment. To me this would give me the feeling of depression or the feeling of loneliness. When I was in high school I would have made a deep personal connection with this piece, and so may other students.
The nice thing about an art fair is that they are not being forced to talk about their feelings, but can show them in a way that may be up for interpretation. If a student sees something in a piece of art that they connect with, the student can talk to the artist about what they see. If there is a student that sees the piece of art, and has no connection to it, they might not even realize what the student is going through. This way we are not outing students to the whole school, but allowing them to express themselves in a safe
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In the end, all the power will be in their hands, and I will be guiding them along the journey. Students will be able to create what they want using what materials they see fit. I will of course filter and approve as to keep things school appropriate. Students will create a completely original piece because everyone will be using what materials they thought to use, to create an image that has meaning to them. When the works are complete, we will take class time to set up the fair. This way students have a voice in how they want their work to be displayed. Then when the fair is up and running, students will have a choice of the works they wish to critique. This way students aren’t forced to critique something they don’t understand, or was done poorly. From there it is always there choice to share the meaning of their work if they wish to do so. I will foster a stress and judgment free

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