Family Diversity Strategy Analysis

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Implementation: I have three ways that I can implement strategies that will help me remember the diversity among my families. The first way is to really get to know my families. One strategy I can do will be to have families fill out a questionnaire at the beginning of the year. Families can tell me general information about themselves, anything about their child, and hopes that they have for the school year. I can use this questionnaire as a bridge to connect with the families. This will be a good first way to better understand my families. The second way will be to have a family night. This will happen after the students have time to adjust to school and the routines in the classroom. Students will be able to create the decorations for the …show more content…
Families will have the opportunity to get to know one another and see what the students are doing in the classroom. I will have the opportunity to spend more time with the families and be able to get to know them on a deeper level. I will be able to learn more about who they are as a person and as a family unit. This will continue to reinforce the idea that all families are different, unique, and special. The third way will be to allow my students to create family portraits. The students will have free rein to create their portrait however they wish, as long as it represent their family. This will be a good reminder to myself and also to the students that all families are different. A family portrait will bring awareness to the idea of diversity in my classroom. I will be able to visually see how diverse my student’s families are and how the students portray their families. All of these activities will be good ways that I can remember that all of my families and student are different. These activities will help me keep in mind that no family has the same means of time, money, or …show more content…
Ask the students how well they think they know the other students. Explain that everyone is different and that the students will be doing an activity where they will get to know their fellow classmates better. Explain the lesson by telling the students that every 3 weeks on Monday each student will sit in a new seat and will be next to a student that they have not sat by before. Also, that every 2 weeks on Friday each student will tell the class one new thing that they learned about their “seat partner”.
• Lesson:
For the first time, the students will not be rotating. The lesson was explained, so now the students will focus on getting to know their “seat partner” for the next two weeks. At the end of the two weeks on Friday, each student will have to write down one fact or statement about their “seat partner”. Each student will tell the class what they have learned about their “seat partner”. Then they will take their sheet of paper and tape it under the student’s name on the piece of paper hanging on the wall.
* If moving a student’s seat will be a distraction or cause stress for the student, then that student doesn’t have to move their seat. A new student can become their “seat partner” every 3 weeks, or they can have the same “seat partner” for the whole year and will continue to tell the class what they have learned about that

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