High School Experience Analysis

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I went to Catholic school my whole life. I attended St. Paul Elementary School and Madonna High School in Weirton, WV. Both of these schools were small so the atmosphere was like a family. I knew I could go to anyone in the school if I ever had a problem. The stories I chose to reflect on were ones that first came to me because I believe the ones I remember the first are the ones that must have had the greatest impact on me. Some of them I do not remember as clearly as others, but I hope to uncover the meaning behind them through this paper. I think they also helped me see why I believe some of the things I do about the field of education.
I honestly do not remember whole stories from when I was just beginning school. I only remember bits
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My family members have helped me become the person I am today because they support me in all that I do. This experience made me realize that students need support and people that care for them to thrive. These people do not need to be family members since sometimes students come from backgrounds without supportive families. This means that teachers need to support students and encourage them to try their best. This will show them they are important and their efforts do not go unnoticed. I think the above story also relates to my views on teaching because students should trust their teachers and their teachers should push them to reach their potential. My Nana wanted me to begin riding so she let go of the bike without me being prepared. She knew I could do it, but sent me by myself too soon. However, my Aunt Jo waited for me to be ready and I began riding without falling. Sometimes there will be times when it is necessary to push the students and other times it will be necessary to allow them to wait until they are ready. I have had other experiences similar to this one in which my teachers were actually family members. My dad taught me to play basketball and coached my team for four years. My sister taught me how to transition from elementary school to high school and how to prepare for college. These memories show me that I learned life skills and important lessons by having family teach

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