Reflective Essay: The Purpose Of Writing In College

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Writing is an everyday tool many people take for granted. Some do not realize how important writing truly is. Writing is a key skill necessary at every age, but becomes extremely important in college. I was naïve freshman when I first began college in the fall, without warning of how difficult school was going to be. I discovered that my writing style was majorly flawed, but contained the right ideas. English 1101 helped me improve my writing style while still expressing the same ideas. The purpose of writing in college, aside from learning aspect, is discovering ones strengths and weaknesses. This is vital for the development of an accomplished writer. When I was taking high school English classes, I thought I was a great writer. But that …show more content…
Many pieces factor into this development, but what majorly impacted my development was college. In high school, I would write regularly including current events, journals, and reading responses. I did not enjoy it at all because it was just another daily assignment that is the same every day. Since it was boring, this lead me to more informal writing such as texting. Texting was fun and easier, but had a bad effect on my writing, causing grammar and spelling errors because I would text so quickly. That is why I believe my development as a writer mostly occurred when I started college. I had less time to text because I was knee-deep in interesting research. My writing process completely changed when I transitioned from high school to college. Towards the beginning of college, I was overly confident in my work and did every assignment the day it was assigned, trying to stay ahead of the game. Luckily, my process changed. I realized that I could do better work, so I toned down my cockiness and raised my work ethic. In the same light, I made a schedule of how much I needed to write each night, and instead of finishing the entire paper the first day assigned, I wrote it throughout the week, making sure I put enough time into it. My development as a writer has had a positive effect on not only my grades but also me as a

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