Essay on My Preferred Style Of Leadership

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Introduction after reading chapter 2 of Public Health Leadership Putting Principles into Practice, my preferred style of leadership would be to emulate Theory Y of style leadership. Because in that type of leadership style; employees are satisfied, respected, motivated and enjoy the work people are assigned to performed (Rowitz, 2014). Leaders are individuals who are respected and liked by workers. Leaders also implement training, offer employees opportunity to grow within the organizations. Per Rowitz, (2014) employees accept the goals and objectives of the organization and are, therefore, self-directed and pursue greater levels of responsibilities (Rowitz, 2014).
Current leadership skills, and specify three (3) leadership character traits you possess.

Labels do not define leadership, and real leadership includes the implementation of an outstanding vision. Leaders encourage workers to get enthusiastic about the visions and to join the ride to bring the vision of the organization to reality (Mayberry, 2015). Leaders who are concern with titles will find it hard to inspire him/her team, staff, and workers to buy into the vision and to work hard and fast for the common good of organization (Mayberry, 2015). Some leaders encourage him/her employees to perform him/her work to the best of the abilities of all workers, to take pride, satisfaction, and accomplishment in a job well done (Mayberry, 2015).
Per Rowitz, (2014), leadership is a multidimensional action in which all…

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