Essay My Philosophy : Teaching Philosophy

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My teaching philosophy is to maintain a balance between the duties of a teacher, the responsibilities as an advisor, and the role as a mentor.
Teaching is a challenging, dynamic, creative, customized and evolving craft. The challenge is not in the physical act of doing the job as anyone can stand and narrate few words in front of an audience, but the challenge is to do it in an effective and efficient manner. I believe the essence of teaching is to facilitate the learning process and to get the students to engage in the learning process. As a perfectionist, it is a challenge to make sure that students are on the right track and make them take responsibility towards making plans and doing the work needed for the my class, other classes, and their overall career development during and after college years.
Teaching is dynamic in the sense that every semester teachers get a new batch of students who interact, talk, and perform differently. It amazes me that every semester teaching the same course, students ask new questions and approaches the topics in ways that are totally different and unique to previous student groups. Teaching is creative since not all students learn in the same way. Some are very visual; others work best with text books; others learn by solving problems; some prefer to be taught every step; others may want to try on their own until they understand; etc. It is my job to accommodate all different ways and fashions of learning. That is why teachers need to…

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