College Admissions Essay: Teaching Is The Only Career

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Teaching is the only career I could ever dream of pursuing. The profession is beyond rewarding and the impact I will have on my students will be more than worth it. Henry Brooks once said “Teachers affect eternity; no one can tell where their influence stops” and that is why I want to teach. I want to be the teacher, my students come back to say hi too and get help from, even when I am no longer their teacher. My ideas of what a teacher does has grown, so much throughout my experiences in the schools. My philosophy has grown even more since I am able to act as a teacher and build those connections with students during my time in the public schools. I believe students need an exceptional teacher who can provide them with more than enough skills …show more content…
I must provide the best education available to my students and I will do that by attending workshops, updating certifications, and staying up to date with all technology (Texas Teacher Proficiencies, 1994). As a teacher, I want to model all the listed qualities, so I can make it easier for them to learn all the skills they need. Everyday my focus will be to be learner-centered and demonstrate all the skills I learned during my past experience (Texas Teacher Proficiencies, 1994). I will strive to increase my knowledge and skills, so each school year I learn from past experiences. Learning comes with a lot of skills and time and as a teacher, my number one goal is for my class to …show more content…
According to Jenson (2008) “Research indicates that well-planned learning environments stimulate learning and reduce discipline problems”. I will acknowledge that students learn different and hear their ideas and thoughts of what they want inside the classroom as well (Texas Teacher Proficiencies, 1994). In order to have cooperative learning inside the classroom, my students and I must work together and manage all space and time wisely. I will greet my students at the door and make them aware this environment is friendly and we are a team. I will stress how important it is for us all to get along and redirect any student who does not understand that. I am a firm believer in treating others how you want to be treated and before any forms of discipline, we will talk and figure out how to fix the

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