Why I Want To Be An Effective Teacher

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The young and thriving minds of students can easily be misshapen, but someone has the chance to create them into intelligent and inquisitive individuals. I want to be that 'someone ' for students and I believe that teaching is the only way possible for me to do that. I want to give students not only knowledge, but also lessons that they can live by in the world outside of school. To be an effective teacher for my students, I have to teach in a way that suits their learning styles and knowing their intelligences based on Gardener 's theory can help me achieve that. Knowing this about my students guides me in choosing my methods of teaching and also allows me to use a variety of different learning styles to suit the individual needs of my …show more content…
They can continue my job by helping with homework, and motivating and testing their children. I have heard it always said that parents what their children to be smarter than them, and I can help parents achieve this goal if they develop a partnership with me. Our collective goal is to help their children succeed academically, and it seems only logical to form a partnership with parents and do whatever it takes to help their child. Also, parents see more of their children than I do, so they can help with identifying problems with their child that I cannot see in the classroom. In this partnership, I will do my job of teaching the students and reporting their progress to the parents more than just for report cards and progress …show more content…
Above all else, I want to build positive relationships with my students so they will respect me and my rules more. From the start of the first day, I plan on teaching and drilling my routines, rules, and procedures so that students are well aware of my expectations. Consistency in the implementation and enforcement of my routines, rules, and procedures are key to successful classroom management. I will immediately combat any misbehaviors by not making a big deal about them. I will a number of techniques that will be effective in quietly and discretely combat misbehaviors such as the following: the evil eye, signals, and sticky notes to inform students of expectations or misbehaviors. I will maintain close proximity to areas in the classroom that problems are likely to occur and frequently walk amongst my class to monitor for on-task behaviors. To become an effective teacher, I will strive to improve my knowledge on my field of education and what I am teaching to my students. I will constantly look for opportunities for professional development such as symposiums, projects, conferences, and research opportunities. I will also how to teach diverse types of students. I have to be prepared to tackle complications within my teaching for the better of my

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