My Philosophy Of Teaching Philosophy Essay

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Philosophy of Education Defining a teaching philosophy six weeks into my formal teacher training is a tricky thing. I feel as if every time I turn around, I see something new and shiny to play with and explore. I am sure, ten years from now, I will look back on this and laugh lovingly at my naïve views and ten years after that, laugh again, maybe for different reasons. Hopefully, in the following decade, I’ll retire. However, in order to start, I need to know where I am going in the first place, otherwise, everything is nebulous and I will flounder and wander around with no purpose. Maybe I will change my ideas and direction as I gain experience and wisdom. Honestly, I hope I do. I would hate to be rigid and unable to learn. It is an attitude which defeats the point of teaching in the first place. I want to learn it all and this idea is that on which I base my philosophy of teaching. This is also evident in my ideas about the purpose of schooling, the nature of the student, the role of the teacher and my role in curriculum development. I believe students should be given the opportunity to learn all subjects equally, until they find their own, natural predilection and they should then be supported fully to pursue such subject with enrichment, both during school and with after school activities.
Purpose of Schooling One purpose of elementary and secondary schooling is the development of the whole academic spectrum, in all subject areas, including: language arts, math,…

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