My Philosophy Of Life : My Life Changed Dramatically Over The Past Five Years

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Philosophy of Life My idea of the meaning of life and what is good in my life has changed dramatically over the past five years. Living through major tragedies has given me a greater appreciation for my relationships with my family and friends. Having close friends, a loving family, and good relationships with my coworkers are of highest importance in my life, along with my faith. A clean house and an accumulation of “things” is no longer on my list of priorities. I hope to be remembered for my empathy, kindness, faith in God, and persistence of pursuing my educational and professional goals, no matter what hardships that I have faced or will encounter. These attributes take precedence in my life. Dealing with my husband 's illness for two and a half years, and then finally his death, has been a difficult and trying time for our family, legally, physically and emotionally. During that time, I made a decision to return to school [to protect and enhance my career and to direct my focus in other directions]. I managed to visit my husband almost every day, spent time with my aging parents, work full time and was available to support and be supported by our children. My family and friends are continually telling me that I am an inspiration to them, which encourages me to work even harder toward my goals. It 's especially inspirational to me when my children tell me how proud they are of the strength that I 've displayed during these trying times. Although at times I feel…

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