Essay about My Philosophy Of Education Is Important

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On my philosophy test, I ended up with very close scores. My strongest philosophical belief for education was comprehensive, followed by behavioral and progressive.
I believe having a philosophy of education is important because it gives you a clear view as to what kind of teacher you are. It gives you the ability to respond and know how to act in various situations. Having a philosophy of education gives a sense of purpose to the classroom and helps you stay focused on classroom tasks. Not only is important for the teacher, but it is also vital for the students that the teacher has a clear mindset so there is uniformity in the classroom. Philosophies of education also reflect on the school and the teachers.
• The role of a teacher is one that should be established early on with students. Using his or her philosophy, the teacher should decide how to maintain the classroom. I believe a teacher should have reasonable expectations of the students. On the other side, having too high expectations in a classroom only leads to disappointment for both the teacher and the students. As progressive mentions, I think students should get their say in the learning process, but the teacher should be over the students. I also believe that students should be in a classroom to learn, which is a trait of the comprehensive philosophy. The teacher should give a lecture and ask more questions. Afterwards, I believe it might be helpful if the teacher would have the students take a test on what…

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