My Personality Has Changed My Life Essay

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For 19 years, my personality has relatively stayed the same. Family members and friends have told me my personality is consistent because I do not go through phases of being disobedient; I have always had the same personality. Even all the schools I attended, I preferred to be friends with only smart and responsible students who rarely got in trouble. Moreover, my personality made me more predictable and likeable to other students and faculty. I took comfort in knowing I was accepted no matter what school I went to. However, my personality has also allowed me to gain a good grasp of who I am and why I do not change so easily. When thinking about how to define myself, three major terms stand out. Moving from school to school, I had to learn how to be “patient.” My family moved frequently because they primarily wanted a better house and neighborhood. However, they typically were never home, so it was my job to take care of my two-year-old sister. She was an impatient person who always demanded to have her Barbie toys brought to her. If I did not succumb, she would scream and cry after she threw her toys across the room; in order to her down, I had to bring her toys back to her. This game went on for hours, and I became annoyed. Yet I kept bringing her toys back because eventually she got tired and feel asleep; I had to be patient and out wait my sister. Consequently, this mindset also benefited me when I program computers to compute data. A computer is like a…

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