My Personality Has Changed My Life Essay

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For 19 years, my personality has been relatively the same. Family members and friends have told me my personality is consistent because I do not go through phases of being disobedient; I have always had the same personality. Even all the schools I attended, I preferred to be friends with only smart and responsible students who rarely got in trouble. Moreover, my personality made me more predictable and likeable to other students and faculty. No matter what school I went to, others accepted me. However, my personality has also allowed me to gain a decent grasp of who I am and why I do not change so easily. When thinking about how to define myself, three major terms stand out. Moving from school to school, I had to learn how to be “patient.” My family moved frequently because they primarily wanted a better house and neighborhood. However, they typically were never home, so it was my job to take care of my two-year-old sister. She was an impatient person who always demanded to have her Barbie toys brought to her. If I did not succumb, she would scream and cry after she threw her toys across the room; in order to her down, I had to bring her toys back to her. This game went on for hours, and I became annoyed. Yet I kept bringing her toys back because eventually she got tired and fell asleep; I had to be patient and out wait my sister. Consequently, this mindset also benefited me when I program computers to compute data. A computer is like a two-year-old sister, it…

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