My Personal Writing Process

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My writing in this course has gradually improved with each essay I write. In my opinion my most recent essay, the comparison between Baker and Britt’s essays was my best. It shows I can summarize two text and easily compare them and prove why one was funnier than the other. Generally, my writing process consists of planning what I am writing about first. Then figuring out my thesis and how I can prove or explain it. My attitude towards writing is same as when I started, but writing does seem to come easier as I learn more. Sometimes I feel frustrated when I cannot think of what to write. Peter Elbow also experienced a similar feeling when writing. In “Desperation of Writing” Elbow writes, “I know I am not alone in my recurring twinges of panic …show more content…
For example, being taught to set up your paragraphs a certain way. In my opinion, I feel that’s the reason why I write the way I do because of the different techniques I learned over time. I took most of that and combined it into my own writing style. A choice that helped me the most for writing is planning. I used to think it was a waste of time, but it has proved to be useful when trying to gather my thoughts and stay focused. After writing all different types of essays I find reflective essays to be the most meaningful. In this essay you are sharing your own personal feelings about something. This adds meaning to it because it’s original and no one can tell you it’s wrong. Also, it gives you a chance to look back at something and reflect. When writing an analysis essay it’s not personal, instead you are just reading something, then writing about what you read. Which has no meaning at …show more content…
From reading the selections assigned I have learned a lot. Paul Roberts essay made me more aware of pat expressions and how to avoid them. In “How to Say Nothing in Five Hundred Words: Roberts writes, “Pat expressions are hard, often impossible, to avoid, because they come too easily to be noticed and seem too necessary to be dispensed with” (33). He was suggesting that nobody can entirely stay away from them, but I did learn I should be more aware of them. There are a lot of things I would like to change about my writing. One is my grammar. I seem to struggle with that and word choice. I hope to be able to add more clarity to my writing. Additionally, I want to be able to explain quotes better. I can achieve these goals easily. All I need to do is practice my writing and think of other words I could use instead of the same ones over and over again. From what I learned in this course, all of it can be used in other classes when writing. For example, setting a quote and spending at least one to two sentences elaborating on it should be used with any quote written. Ultimately, everything I learn in this class can be applied to any other

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