Reflection On What I Learned In English Class

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Before I enrolled into Comp II, I knew how to write an essay, but my strengths were limited. I have never been an excellent writer, so I knew going into this class, I was going to struggle with improperly punctuated, weak body structures, and weak sentence structure. I feel like I have so much to say, but can never get my point across clearly. Sometimes I feel like I could write a hundred-page paper about everything going on in my life, but it never seems to make sense to other people. I try my best, but sometimes I fail to follow all the rules of English. Whether it be the wrong use of punctuation, its/it’s, yours/you’re. You would think English being my first language, writing English would be first nature, but it 's not the case. There …show more content…
I’m not at all where I probably should be as a writer, but I feel like I have improved my writing skills. Through this English class and my amazing Professor, I have gained an appreciation for literature and have been able to write from experience rather than because I have too. My English improved dramatically through finally understanding how to put all the information I have researched into a paper. I feel more comfortable in writing my papers because I know I’m not just putting random information to fill up my word count. I met my personal writing goal more than I thought I would. I have a long way to go in my grammar skills because frankly, English has so many rules when it comes to grammar. Although, I feel like I have a better understanding how to fix my grammar to make a better-structured sentence. Through the different papers during the course, I feel like my personal writing goals were met. I finally was being taught not for a grade, but to fully understand and correct my mistakes. Feedback from my essays, looking over my classmates’ papers, and breaking down each part of the essay, helped me tremendously. The journal entries helped me critically evaluate an article and express my opinion on paper. I found that when I critique something, I tend to enjoy writing about how I feel and I really excelled in …show more content…
For the first time, I felt a strong passion for writing and improving my skills. Although, math will always be my favorite subject, English is a close second. I want to continue reading more and practicing my writing skills. Breaking down the different sections of my essays will help me from rambling on and on. I need to improve my vocabulary and start reading more books. I think as I continue to make changes to my way of writing and vocabulary, I think it will improve me as I continue my college career. My writing improved more than I thought and I couldn’t be prouder of myself. I never enjoyed English until now and I can’t wait to see how I can improve even more. Hopefully, one day I will achieve my personal goals as a writer and be the writer that has been stuck inside of

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