My Personal Theory Of Religious Education Essay

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My personal theory of religious education is the biblical family centered education.

1. The purpose of religious education
1) Deliver the biblical values through family life The Bible mirrors every dimension of the world, so the biblical values can help people form constructive and balanced characteristics to be whole persons. However, the biblical values will not be fully transmitted by only teaching in the church on a limited time because values are not knowledge to get by just teaching. Rather, the values are effectively delivered when teachers embody the values from their life with knowledge about the values like the public life of Jesus. In this view, family is the best place to deliver the biblical values with sharing their life embodying the values. 2) Build biblical view in faith without rejection through family life. The major purpose to teach the bible is to build biblical views in faith, but, teaching the Bible cannot guarantee to build biblical views in faith because it is possible for learner not to get meaning from the bible teaching without practicing the values. On the contrary, if teachers show their life which are realized by the values, students can understand how to live in faith and then get meanings of faith without any rejection. This can bring forth learners’ voluntariness. Therefore, it this view, parents can build their children’s faith without rejection in family. 3) Heal family to overcome problems through embodying biblical…

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