Essay My Personal Strengths Of My Lifetime

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During my lifetime I have become aware of my own personal strengths. I have been through various experiences that have helped mold and accentuate these personal attributes. Furthermore, I know that my interactions with the numerous people I have encountered in my life has contributed to my desire and characteristic traits to be a “serving” professional. After completing a descriptive personality test it was shown that I possess a low N domain, very high E domain, very high O domain, high A Domain, and very high C domain. These scores all represent some general characteristics that I possess and will discuss in this reflection, in regards to being a “serving” professional. I believe that observing the interactions between organisms, humans being the most relative, has had a phenomenal impact on my personal strengths. In regards to having a low N domain score it states that I am able to control my emotions very well and can react to stress without being severely compromised. I have been through a lot of situations that can cause stress. When I was younger I often had to deal with stressors that were inflicted upon me from my community and within my own family. The fact that I read books and understand how an ideal community and family should have been often caused me to become more stressed , because I was now aware that the emotions I felt were not necessarily something a person would often deal with . In order to preserve my sanity I was forced to cope with my stress…

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