Personal Reflection On S-One Of My Strengths

S- One of my strengths is that I made my topic very relatable, and everybody was interested in my warm up. The members were fascinated by the agar slides and where I went to contain the samples. They kept asking questions about the places that I obtained the bacteria and some seemed amazed at which slide corresponded with which place. It is important to have a compelling group to encourage active participation and learning about the group topic. Another action that I viewed as one of my strengths was that I was thoughtful about people’s preferences about some aspects within the group. I taped the slides closed to make sure nobody accidentally opened them for more of a smell or contamination. Furthermore, I brought gloves in a case anybody …show more content…
When I was planning the group, I thought that my group may take longer than the fifty minutes. It had me so worried that I created plans to cut it short in case of it be too lengthy. My plans actually went very swiftly, and I had to make up something to do in the end to be able to make the group last the full fifty minutes. Another weakness is that I did not explain what the Glo Germ was to the participants. I thought I had covered what it was effectively, but they still had questions that I could not give complete answers too. Ashley obtained the lotion bottle and had to read the label for more of a comprehensive understanding of what the cream entailed. This was my fault because I did not explain how the lotion worked with the ultraviolet light. This caused a disruption of the purpose of the group in which a participant took control to explain to others what I could not.
O- If I were to lead this group again, I would definitely address one of my weaknesses of not having enough things to do in the group to fulfill the time limit. I could do this by bringing a handwashing worksheet to fill out. The participants could collaborate together to help complete the worksheets. This is would facilitate the member’s communication among each other. Furthermore, I will need to be able to explain the properties of the lotion and how it glows when the lights are
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Moreover, the bacteria slides are a risk if this group was at a facility such as Mocassin Bend. Even though it provides a good visual warm up in some settings, it could create paranoia in others. This would not be what I wished to provide for this type of group. So, if I wanted to do the group in such a setting, I would take pictures if I had any fears of disrupt within a member. I did not ask anybody beforehand if they had any fear of the dark. Even though the room was not completely without light, it could create a problem with people that had a fear of the dark or past

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