My Personal Statement Of Educational Philosophy

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Educational Philosophy
I’ve always been the type of person to lead and direct. I value my voice and the words of wisdom it speaks. I have a tendency of wanting to explain and teach anything anywhere. Based on my leadership qualities and willing mentality, I’ve decided to study education. I’ve realized that if I became a social worker, I wouldn’t have been in my right state of mind because that isn’t want I was meant to do. I was meant to teach and inspire children, so becoming a childhood educator would truly fulfill my destiny. What is an Educational Philosophy? According to about education, An Educational philosophy is a personal statement of a teacher’s guiding principles about “ big picture” education- related issues, such as how student
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My motivation for teaching is knowledge. I believed that learning new information in the educational field can drive a person to want to teach it someday. I believe that the key to success is knowledge and the key to knowledge is ambition. Once I enter a classroom, I feel a sense of eagerness to learn; and that is something I value. Knowing that I am going to be taught something new enhances my need for motivation. It gets me ready for what is to come and for the information I am about to take in. I want to be the teacher that gets excited when informing students and anxious when it is time to start the lesson. I believe that having something that drives you to happiness, holds a vast impact on the amount of confidence you will have as a teacher. A teacher needs to be confident with the information they are projecting to students. They must develop trust and satisfaction towards the knowledge they’ve been trained to teach. In Addition, a sense of bravery and courage helps them to stay driven. My motivation for teaching is knowledge because learning the fundamentals of becoming a teacher, and learning how to run a classroom gives a teacher-in-training the opportunity to become an amazing …show more content…
One of my main personal beliefs is that education gives one the ability to grasp information that can be helpful in the future. Education is the key to a stabled life as well. However, I do believe that in order to live a stabled life, one needs to have to knowledge and wisdom to make it possible. One needs to have the ability to budget money, sacrifice to make ends meet, and make wise decisions. Frankly, that wouldn’t be possible without being educated within those aspects. I also strongly believe that education is determined based on the way you were raised. Typically, working-class families have a hard time focusing on their child’s education due to the amount of issues they have to face on a day to day basis. They normally have to focus on keeping their homes, keeping their job, and keeping food on the table for their families. According to those aspects of life, getting an education isn’t the first thing on their to-do list. Even though it may be something that is desperately desire, life may not have given them the privilege of obtaining a decent education. In regards to their children, they sometimes get the brunt of it all. Due to their parent’s hectic lifestyle, the child lacks primary motivation. They lack motivation within their home and begin to think that an education isn’t important. Their parents caused them to believe that working and taking care of necessities is all you need to survive. Meaning, the need for an

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