My Personal Statement For School Counseling Program Essay

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I sincerely believe that today’s educator has a unique opportunity to impact the future of our diverse world. Professional school counselors are educators who share in this great task by designing and implementing comprehensive, developmental school counseling programs that champion the success of all students; however, the school counselor must first take the time to have clarity about their school counseling philosophy and mission statement for the school counseling program. In this paper, it is my hope to clearly articulate my school counseling philosophy, as well as my personal mission statement as an aspiring professional school counselor.
School Counseling Philosophy
For a comprehensive school counseling program to be effective, there must be a sincere belief that all students have the ability to learn and have the right to be served by a school counselor who is well trained and equipped to implement a developmental, comprehensive school counseling program. Student data, needs assessments, as well as academic, career, and personal/social development standards should drive an effective school counseling program (ASCA, 2012). For this reason, school counseling programs are to be an essential component of the overall school mission, and should include a collaborative work among school counselors, teachers, administrators, parents, and other community stakeholders (“School Counselors’ Roles”, 2010). According to the ASCA National Model (2012), school counselors seek to…

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