Essay on My Personal Reflection On My Life

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After taking the Spiritual Assessment Scale my scores really surprised me, I knew there were areas in my spiritual life that I needed to address but I didn’t realize just how many areas I needed to work on until I took the assessment. While taking the assessment I found myself wanting to change my answers because I knew that the answer I was given was not the best answer. It was almost embarrassing knowing I am so far away from God then after taking the assessment and reflecting on it I found myself feeling guilty. Then I realized the guilt I was having shows me that God is still near me. The guilt was almost a good feeling that I knew I was in the wrong that I should be doing better in my relationship with God but I hadn’t completely given up. The guilt reminded me that I do still care about my relationship with God, I was thankful that I didn’t just take the assessment see my score and then think “well, that’s just where I’m at in my life with God now guess I’ll just deal with it.” Now that I have shared my feelings on the Spiritual Assessment I will share with you my strengths, challenges, and improvements I am going to try and make to change my spiritual lifestyle.

I still believe that I have strong connection with God, I know he is around me. I find myself in times of doubt on my knees praying. I get “fired up “ about God, when I go to church I find myself praising God asking for forgiveness. I still love to worship God, getting in my car by myself and turning on…

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