My Personal Philosophy Of Educational Leadership Essay

833 Words Nov 28th, 2016 4 Pages
During this semester I was able to experience many accomplishments, all of them have helped me to gain a better understanding of what kind of leader I aspire to be. In developing my personal philosophy of educational leadership I was able to focus on what qualities I already posses to be a successful leader. I desire to be a leader that creates a positive climate and a supportive culture, one who inspires others to be great and require greatness for the students that they teach, and promoting all to become lifelong learners.. Being able to shadow my administrator in many different aspects of her profession really opened my eyes to all that is required of educational leaders and the effort that it takes to ensure that you are always working in the best interest of the students. When truly reflecting on the process, I feel that the leader that I am in my classroom is a good indicator of who I will be on the larger scale of educational leadership. As an educator, I work vigorously to ensure the success of all of my students and I believe that is what leaders do when they are directing their staff. I have a vision for my students each year, just as an administrator does for their school. During the school year we work together aiming towards that common goal. Just like it is important to know the students in your classroom, I was able to see the importance of knowing the students, staff, and community that you work with and building those strong relationships. She said…

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