Nursing Philosophy Of Nursing

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The purpose of this paper is to express my philosophy of nursing. I am the kind of person who loves to help other people; whether it is holding the door for someone, or giving advice to a friend going through a hard time, I feel the need to give the service that I have to others. This pursuit of wanting to help others is a large reason why I wish to practice nursing. Nursing combines many of the things that I love. Academically, I tend to do well in math and science classes. I am partially drawn to nursing because of the way those subjects are incorporated in the training process of becoming a nurse. Without a doubt, the most meaningful reason I wish to practice nursing is that I get to show love to others. Patients who come into a hospital, …show more content…
All three of these concepts come together to guide nurses in their actions while caring for patients. Patient care is an essential key concept of nursing. In my opinion, patient care starts with respect. It is imperative to respect each patient’s needs and differences, because every patient is different. In order to do this, a nurse must always be listening to the patient in order to do what is best for them and what they are comfortable with. Going along with patient care, nurses need to create a trusting relationship with their patients in order to provide the best possible care. When it comes to health, there are three main categories, physical, mental and spiritual health. I believe that it is a nurse’s responsibility to cater to all three areas of a patient’s health through their words and actions while also being courteous to the patient’s beliefs. It is also imperative that nurses educate their patients on how to stay healthy in these three areas. The third concept of nursing, holistic care, is a nursing method that focuses on the healing of the whole being. The whole being is the patients mind, body, spirit, and environment. Physical injuries are typically accompanied by other problems as well, that are not necessarily physical. Holistic care of a patient is important because if nurses only tend to a patient’s physical needs, then they are neglecting other major aspects of a person that are imperative for healing. In order to achieve complete healing of a patient these four areas should be addressed by a nurse. Finally, environment is the last key concept of nursing. The environment is all things that act on the patient. This includes the patient’s physical environment, their relationships, and their beliefs. Once again, all these factors should be considered when a nurse is treating a patient. I think it is very important to remember that every patient’s environment

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