My Personal Definition Of Integrity Essay

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CHLD 495: SLO IV Professional Qualities
Step 1: Provide your personal definition of integrity. Then describe some decisions and behaviors/actions that are aligned with your sense of integrity. How do your beliefs about personal integrity influence your decision-making and actions?

In my opinion, integrity means to be true to yourself and being honest. Some decisions and behaviors that are aligned with my sense of integrity are job interviews, involving with police officers, the workplace and co-workers, and family. My beliefs about personal integrity influence my decision making and actions by how I can communicate honestly with my co-works, friends, and family, keeping my words, and making fair designing.

Step 2: Locate a source of information that provides a definition of integrity. This may come from a book or article you’ve read, or through an Internet search. DO NOT select a dictionary definition. Summarize the definition here and provide the weblink or the citation (book or article).

According to The Balance, the word, integrity means the characteristic of a person who shows sound moral and ethical principles at work. They are honesty, trustful, and will draw others to them because of their trustworthy and dependable.

Step 3: Compare your personal definition of integrity with the source you identified in Step 2. How are they similar or different?

My personal definition of integrity with…

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