Essay about My Personal Code Of Ethics

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I use a Dr. Seuss quote as my personal code of ethics. The quote is, “Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don 't matter and those who matter don 't mind." It is a conflicting code because some may argue this code doesn’t pass the front page test, mom test, or any sort of right vs. wrong test. However, I am using Rule-Based thinking when I apply this quote to my life and career. Rule based thinking meaning not focusing on the results of my action but the principle. My principles are that being one’s self and saying what’s on one’s mind is extremely important because it provides indirect health benefits for the person being oneself, representation is always a must no matter where you are in life or career, and because individuality gives insight and new perspective to any and all situations.
Individuality has plenty of benefit, because individuals get remembered. Those who go against the grain make history. Without history, we would all make the same mistakes over and over again. If one was to never say how they felt, then everyone would take advantage of that person because everyone knows they will go with the flow instead of take a stance. Being taken advantage of does no service of benefit to the public on the other hand, taking a stance has the risk that can go in the right or wrong direction short term but in the end there is usually little cost long term.
Representation is very important to me. For instance, I could tie my shoe a way that is…

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