NASW Code Of Ethical Dilemmas

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Ethical Dilemma- Scenario #1
In the case of Joanne there would be a few ethical dilemmas. The first dilemma would be that I, the social worker, would have a close bond with her and it will be more difficult for me to break the confidentiality rule with her. That would cause for her to be mad at me and most likely leave the program. After leaving the program she would face serious issues, she would have health problems and probability get involve in criminal activities. I would have to take her case with my supervisor and probability with law enforcement, if my supervisor decides to take that step. By her having HIV, and having unprotected sex with her partners, its consider to be harming others individuals with health issues.
The personal
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I would not be able to stop her if she decides to leave the program and go off to the streets. First, I would talk to her and maybe she can understand what she is doing is not right and that she need to protect her and her partners. That she is harming them and that against my policy that we had discuss when I first started working with her. If she is harming others, as she is by infecting them with HIV and damaging their health I would have to break her confidentiality and tell her partners that they could have contacted HIV. I would need to talk to my supervisor about Joanne’s case and see what we can do to help her out, and also talk to other staff members and see what they think I should do to help Joanne. I will try my best to help her the best I can so she can do the right thing for everyone. I would try to get her to do the right thing: tell her partners that she has contracted HIV, and go see a doctor to see ways where she can protect her and her partners. She will need to get assistant for herself, to get the medicine she needs to control her HIV. If she decides that she does not need the assistance and will no tell her partners that she contracted HIV, I would have to break her confidentiality and tell them myself. By me breaking her confidentiality would make her leave …show more content…
If Joanne does not take her of herself by not going to the doctor and getting the right medicine she needs, and also not letting her partners know that she has contracted HIV. There are some limits of confidentiality and those are supervision and consultation, client waivers, danger to self or others, suspicion of child or elder abuse, subpoenas and privileged communication, and confidentiality in various types of recording (D.H. Hepworth et. All., 2013). I would consider Joanne’s case as a danger to herself and her partners. Joanne needs to take care of herself first to avoid any consequences if she does not take the right medicine. Also, cause harm to her partners because they have the right to know that they could have contracted HIV and they also need to take care if themselves by taking the medication they need to continue with their live. Everyone deserves to know if they could have been contracted HIV, and they have the right to take the right medication to continue with their live. No one has the right to decide that from them, it is every individual to decide for

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