My Performance At The Annual Spring Show Essay

1038 Words Apr 26th, 2016 5 Pages
For the past few months, all the ballet classes were preparing for the yearly spring show. It was called Strings ‘n things and was performed on April fifteenth and sixteenth. This is meant to be an evaluation on my performance in this production. I will be explaining what I need to improve on in my arms, feet, and leg movements. Also, whether I tried my best and if I think I should move up a level in ballet. First, is my evaluation on my performance.
To start with, I’d like to discuss my performance in my classes variations. My technique lacked in certain parts of the classes variation on both nights. In opening, my tombe wasn’t correctly done and looked like I lifted my knee. On Friday, I did the wrong step in opening and was off time.In the first variation I did not jump very high in the glissade section, however I did not miss any steps and stayed on time. My legs were elongated at the right moments, but my arms lacked occasionally. For the second variation my tour jete was too low. I couldn’t see my feet in the pirouettes in the video, but during the show I felt that they didn’t always reach my knee. I didn’t spot in most of my turns either. My legs stayed straight when they needed to be and my arms were correct in the echappes and echappe sautes. My pas de chats were high enough, but it seemed that my left leg didn’t always reach my knee. I was on time in closing and I didn’t miss the steps. The echappes looked good with my arms in the right places and legs were…

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