Dance Performance Analysis: We Are Not The Who

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The show performed by the Emory Dance Company is composed by ten very impressive dance performances. These performances all have their distinctive themes and features. Some has very soft and extended movements and the others have very powerful movements. Among all these performances, the Juncture, We Are Not the Who, Somewhere else not here and PM 2.5 are the ones that I enjoyed most.
The performance of juncture combine slow and fast as well as soft and powerful movements, and thus it is very excited to be appreciated. The opening of the dance if very impressive and gives a feeling of primary and originality. The repeat movement with putting the hands on their foreheads, kind of indicates that they are wandering for something, and maybe for the future.
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First of all, it generates a very cheerful feeling. The four girls dance while expressing the idea that we are ourselves with the distinctive personalities, we are not perfect but we don’t have to mimic the others. Through jumping, laughing, and interaction with the audience, this performance provides the beauty of passion, of youth and of the imperfectness of a person. This energetic performance is both deep in meaning and funny in context and that is why it could be so enjoyed by the all.
Somewhere else, not here is another performance that I like. The green background and the green costume generate a sense of nature and create and idea of originality. Throughout the performance, the three dancers cooperated very well with each other. This performance has several repeated movements. Such as running with their hands putting on their head and the movement that looks like beggaring. These movements expressing the wandering of the dancers who are trying to find somewhere that they

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