Personal Essay: The Choices That Changed My Life

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People sooner or later realize that the choices they make could possibly affect them later in life. We notice that as we grow older we are then faced with the most difficult decisions. I had to make a choice when it came to deciding to play basketball or focusing on my studies in order to graduate. Although I was in a tough situation I didn’t want to think that the only solution was to quit something I had a passion for. Sometimes it’s difficult knowing what to do, but you are forced to pick between the things that interest you the most.
What I enjoyed the most was playing basketball in high school. I grew up playing basketball at the beginning of middle school up to senior year in high school. Although I loved playing, it started to negatively impact my studies. I would spend hours practicing after school that by the time I got home I was worn out. I was told that if I wanted to graduate with my class that I would need to be able to find more time to work on my assignments. Soon after that, my coach went as far as to sit me out on a big game that he knew I practiced for. Not being able to play was tough. He told me that it wasn 't due to my
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I still remember the first thing he ever told the team at the beginning of our freshman year, “I can accept failure, everyone fails at something, but I can’t accept not trying.” He knew at the time what I was going through. My coach told me that he had seen the same situation happen before, but didn’t want me to end up making the same mistake. He understood that I tried my best to balance both and how important it was for me to go on with my studies and assured me that he knew that I wasn’t giving up on the team. Having this discussion with my coach was truly supportive, I was now able to feel less overwhelmed with what I ended up

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