My Parents Were Never Religious Essay

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My parents were never really religious. They instead fit nicely into the group of people who like to refer to themselves as “Cultural Catholics”, those who don’t really care for the the God aspect of the faith and instead only follow through with the traditions. As a result, I got Baptized And had a First Communion but never really went to Mass and therefore had a weak foundation from the beginning.

Around the time that I was nine years old, my mom called me into family room and told me that my Dad and she were not going to be together anymore. As a nine year old who had lived a fairly normal life prior, I could not comprehend this well. I was consumed by the thought that this was just a temporary issue. Obviously, I was wrong.

I am not saying that they had cared much about religion prior, but this is where they both fell all of the way. After years of trying to see anyone that they could for marriage counseling, including Father Rose, the priest at the local church, they both had enough. They got a divorce and turned their backs on God. They stayed away from all religious activities at this point, and so, by extension, so did I. For whatever reason they kept me in CCD but it never really mattered. It was more of an inconvenience to me. I became agnostic at this point, never really having enough religious experience to even believe that God exists.

They eventually agreed it court to split me evenly between two different homes. Everything had to…

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