My Origination's Mission, Vision, And Values

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The purpose of this paper is to discuss how my origination’s mission, vision, and values provide strategic direction for its members. I will also discuss shared governance, as well as the pros and cons of our nursing model. Organizations have a mission and vision statement to achieve goals and establish a vision of the future, therefore, guides standard operations (Huber, 2014). Saint Mary’s Medical Center is a not for profit, faith-based health care facility and the mission, vision, and values of the organization are guiding principles that define our beliefs, purpose, and future (Huber, 2014).
Organization’s Mission, Vision, Values, and Stated Goals
First, Saint Mary’s Medical Center’s mission states “We are inspired by the love of Christ
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The organization’s nursing philosophy based on Joanne Duffy’s Quality Caring Model© aligns with the organization 's philosophy, including a caring, collaborative, quality patient-centered approach (SMMC, 2015). The organization’s nursing philosophy states “We believe that patients, families, and staff need to feel ‘cared for’ through caring practices, nursing roles and responsibilities, communication, resource allocation, and the environment” (SMMC, 2015). This nursing model identifies that nurse caring is what patients want most, and nurses believe caring is a core value of nursing (O’Nan, Jenkins, Morgan, Adams, & Davis, 2014). Furthermore, the nursing model stresses collaborative relationships with patients and families, as well as other members of the health care team (O’Nan et al., 2014). Our nurses provide compassionate, holistic, and respectful care for all members of our community and strive for excellence and quality patient outcomes (SMMC, 2015). To achieve national recognition for nursing excellence is Saint Mary’s Medical Center’s nursing vision (SMMC, 2015).
The organization and nursing philosophies both promote excellence, as well as accountability for professional growth. Saint Mary’s Medical Center is changing their social structure toward decentralization and shared governance. For instance, my current nursing position, created to coordinate cardiovascular patient care, allows me to participate in shared governance committees with organizational leaders and point of care nurses from multiple clinical areas to improve patient outcomes (Berryman, Palmer, Kohl, & Parham,

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