Essay on My Observations Of Danielle 's Class

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An important part of learning how to teach is rooted in the art observation. This skill has contributed to our own cognitive growth from infancy and is embedded through the processes of exposed environments and observation of social structures. Gaining new techniques and strategies from observations are beneficial for they add to existing notions about successful teaching and introduce new perspectives concerning classroom set-up, presence, and classroom management. This paper will focus on my observations of Danielle’s class and combination of way she utilizes space, her presence, and the management of a classroom which supported her ability to fostering a nourishing learning environment.
Before the students arrived, Danielle starts to set up the space by moving tables and positioning materials for the learning. The room in which Danielle’s class is held is well lit with huge windows and serves as a multifunctioning room. There is no décor on the walls and board, table, and chairs are not set pieces, thus allowing them to be placed as seen fit. Though this space does not give a traditional feeling to a classroom setting, Danielle was able to maximize the area for her purpose. Right before the students came in she set her intentions for the day by saying a prayer. This type of practice of setting intentions is vital, for it a way to remind oneself about why they are engaged in the field of education and will providing focus towards achieving their goals.
When Danielle…

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