M-STAR Standards

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New teachers in the Harrison County School District attend a “New Teacher” training seminar on the Mississippi Statewide Teacher Appraisal Rubric (M-STAR). During this training, each of the domains and the respective teacher performance standards in the rubric are deconstructed in a manner that clearly outline the indicators for each teacher performance level. Teachers then evaluate lessons using the rubric, determining the performance level for each standard. At the school level, strong mentor teachers guide new teachers through the intricacies of the M-STAR process. Mentor teachers are invaluable in the areas of guiding new teachers in ensuring that lesson plans and artifacts meet the rigor of the related M-STAR standards. The twenty …show more content…
The standards are evaluated through the use of artifacts, and/or during the pre-/post-observation conferences.
• Teachers plan lessons that allow students to demonstrate deep knowledge of the content with clear, meaningful, and relevant connections to students’ lives.
• Lessons meet the diversity of students’ backgrounds, learning levels, and special needs.
• Instructional goals are chosen that incorporate higher level learning for all students.
• Units and lessons are aligned with the Mississippi College and Career Readiness
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The balance of student-centered and teacher-centered learning is also discussed. While completing the observation, the administrator looks for definitive evidence within the lesson meeting the indicators necessary for a level four rating. In doing so, the administrator records pertinent teacher and student interaction using direct scripting. The administrator expects to see students make connections to the material, on their own, or with teacher guidance. The lesson should include technology and materials that harness and maintain student engagement. Once the teacher-centered portion of the lesson has been completed, the administrator should examine the structure of the student-centered portion of the lesson. This section of the lesson should include activities that address various skill levels and learning styles. Students should be interacting with each other and the teacher. During this portion of the lesson, the teacher should be acting less like an instructor, and more like a facilitator, guiding students through the reflective analysis process as they

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