My Observation Hours From A Kindergarten Classroom At Mcfall Elementary

1395 Words Nov 14th, 2016 6 Pages
My observation hours were spent in a kindergarten classroom at McFall Elementary in Middleville, my home town. I observed Mrs. Young’s class of twenty-five students. I enjoyed observing in this classroom since it was my former teacher and classroom when I was in kindergarten as well. While observing, I could see many different subjects being taught, and multiple ways in which they were taught. Also, it was interesting to notice the reactions the kids gave towards a certain teaching style or towards a specific activity. Observing in this class was a good learning experience and helpful towards learning various techniques I can use within my classroom. The characteristics and descriptions of the students in this classroom were mostly all the same, with a few exceptions. Most of the kids’ race was white, this was not surprising since most of the school district is Caucasian. However, there were two kids, a boy and girl, who were African American in her class which helped add a little diversity. The kids spoke English, and only one had a slight speech difficulty nothing too major, but it did make it hard for you to understand her sometimes. Concerning their behavior, they were a slightly loud group, but when Mrs. Young had them sitting and listening they comprehended what they had to do and did as they were told, most of the time. It made me wonder what I will do to ensure my students listen and follow directions. I would probably do some sort of clip system, where if they were…

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