Teacher Education Reflection Essay

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Teacher Education Program Reflection Essay

As the semester comes to an end, I realize how much I have taken from my methods semester. I have learned skills not only from my wonderful methods teachers, but my cooperating teacher as wells. As I write my reflection essay, I will reflect on the knowledge I have gained in planning a lesson and how to implement it to meet many student’s needs. Finally, I will discuss what I have got out of this semester and how they will help me achieve my future goals.
Critical, Creative Curriculum Planning As I observed my cooperating teachers classroom, I watched as she integrated a variety of content skills across the curriculum. I have recognized how important this is and that is can easily be used in
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I have had the opportunity myself in planning lessons with multiple TEKS and objectives. In my social studies methods class we completed unit plans which consisted of planning lessons throughout the semester and implementing a variety of TEKS to go with these lessons. This method of teaching not only helps the students access their learning every day, it also helps the teacher reach many TEKS and objectives in only a few lessons. This is beneficial for students learning because they will reach all the objectives throughout the semester which will in turn guide them on the right track for the following …show more content…
I hope that I will get more opportunities in learning how to reach more content areas across the curriculum, so I will have a solid foundation when I bring it into my classroom. One thing I struggle with is using multiple TEKS to one lesson. I really hope that I will be provided with practice in the classroom so when I am a teacher it will not be such a struggle. Once I am finished student teaching, I plan to devote my first year of teaching to finding effective lessons that can easily be accessed again throughout the year. I felt that it helped the students when their mind was constantly reminded of what they previously learned. I also hope to create lessons that are so beneficial that they can be used in the following years. I feel that observing my cooperating teacher this year and again when I begin student teaching next fall, I will bring many a great amount of skills into my classroom. The Education Program at WTAMU has helped me become a better teacher and I believe it will be very beneficial for my

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